John Croslin Interview

(Done for this website, March 2000. All copyright laws apply.) Do you encounter many people that remember The Reivers?

John: Quite a few. More than I would expect. What were some of the musical influences on the Reivers? And on yourself?

John: Led Zeppelin. Beatles. REM. Fleetwood Mac. What were some of the names considered besides “Reivers” when you had to make the name change from “Zeitgeist”?

John: I think we were considering “Anvil Chorus.” We actually considered “the Spin Doctors” but decided not to because there was a band called “Doctor’s Mob” in Austin at the time. What was your favorite Reivers gig(s)? What was the worst?

John: SXSW at the Ritz, about 86 or so. Some of our best and worst were in Chicago. Any good road stories?

John: There was a time when some highway patrolmen in Pennsylvania made us sing them a song to prove we were in a band. I’ve heard that there was going to be a Reivers Greatest Hits album that you were putting together at one time- whatever happened to it and what were the songs on it going to be?

John: I don’t remember the song list. Danny Beard was getting it together and it fizzled for some reason. What are your views on tape trading of live shows and the like by fans?

John: It doesn’t bother me except that I bet there are some embarrassing things out there that I don’t want to think about. How do you like producing compared to being in a band?

John: I’ve always liked being in the studio. The process of making records fascinates me. I’m more comfortable doing that than I was being in a band. In the studio you can do something over if you screw it up ( a specialty of mine.) I had a great time in the Reivers, though. In a way I know that nothing could live up to the fun we had, so I think in some respects that keeps me from trying to start another band. Do you generally stay within a certain range of styles when choosing musical projects?

John: I’ve done a lot of different styles. It keeps things interesting. You’re identified by many as being closely tied to “the Austin sound” (maybe I should say “an Austin sound”, since it has so many). How do you like San Fransisco and its music scene? Is your move there permanent ?

John: I’m enjoying it here, but I don’t know much about the music scene yet [John ended up moving back to Austin in 2001]. The bands that I’ve really liked that I’ve seen so far are Beulah and For Stars. And, what would be your top 10 favorite albums- your “desert island discs”?

-The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper
-The Beatles: Revolver
-Wire: Pink Flag
-Fleetwood Mac: Rumors
-The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds
-The Staple Singers: Gospel Greats
-David Bowie: Ziggy Stardust
-Pavement: Slanted and Enchanted
-Guided By Voices: Bee Thousand
-Guided By Voices: Alien Lanes