Reivers on Indefinite Hiatus

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard much from the band lately, there’s a reason for that. Their most recent show was in November, 2016 and since then they’ve decided to take a hiatus from performing or recording for now. As Kim says, they thoroughly enjoyed the last few years since reuniting but they felt they were becoming a bit of a nostalgia act, playing all the old songs all the time. That doesn’t preclude them getting back together at some point and putting together some new material, as they did for Second Story, but there are no plans at this time.

Meanwhile, John is busy doing a lot of fishing and you can catch Cindy playing as part of Why Not Satellite. Garrett reportedly still plays drums with friends and Kim is still working on songs from time to time.

Referring to the long break before their 2008 reunion shows, Kim jokes “Maybe in another 16 years, if we are hobbling around, we’ll get back together again!”  Then again, no doors are closed and it could be next month, for that matter. We’ll keep ya up to date here on the website.


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