John Croslin

Before he formed The Reivers, Croslin was the co-founder (along with Paul Swift, later of The Wild Seeds) of a new wave band called The Make. Among their songs were a couple of novelty-oriented tunes called “Baby Makes Me Sick” and “Cream In My Jeans” (Austin Chronicle writer Ken Lieck says that John always made clear that he wrote “less than 10% of that song”). I don’t believe The Make ever released any singles/albums, but here’s some interesting trivia: for their first appearance in Texas in 7/81, R.E.M. drove to Austin, and played second on the bill with The Judys, with The Make opening, at the now defunct Club Foot.
After the 1991 breakup of the Reivers, he was a very prolific producer, as you can see below. In early 2005 the first album by his new band, The Fire Marshals of Bethlehem, was released. Called “Songs For Housework”, there are definite echoes of The Reivers’ sound, but it’s got it’s own sound, too. You may even have heard two of the songs in the TV show “Veronica Mars”, which was created by Rob Thomas (writer of the “Saturday” reissue liner notes and long-time Reivers fan). Since the Fire Marshals were created as a “continually-changing cast of players”, he left the group amicably in late 2005.

Other projects:

Songs for Housework
by The Fire Marshals of Bethlehem (2005)
(Buildgut BGR 0013)
Producer, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Engineer

The Unfortunate Rake Vol. 2: Yellow Mercury
by The Crooked Jades (2003)
(Copper Creek 2005)
Engineer, Mixing

Dueling Devotions
by Subset (2003)
(Tightspot 004)
Producer, Engineer

Team Boo
by Mates of State (2003)
(Polyvinyl 65)
Producer, Engineer, Dancer (yes, it says dancer…)

Haight Street Bus Ride
by Walty (2002)

Ten Years of Noise Pop: 1993-2002
by Various Artists (2002)
(Amazing Grease 14)

This Black Heart Is Gonna Break
by Blue Skies For Black Hearts (2002)
(Velvafonic 1)

Learning Curve
by Peglegasus (2002)
(SOMIAS 3007)

Don’t Let The Bastards Get You Down: A Tribute to Kris Kristofferson
by Various Artists (2002)
(Jackpine Social Club 102972)
Engineer, Mixing

Voice This Sound: An Inverse Records Compilation
by Various Artists (2002)
(Inverse 024)


Sophomore Slump
by Bitesize (2001)
(Packing Heat 0002)
Engineer, Mastering, Mixing

Don’t ___ With The Fantasy
by The Resineators (2001)
(Siltbreeze 82)

Girls Can Tell
by Spoon (2001)
(Merge 495))


Quiet Games For Hot Weather
by Pinq (2001)
(Major7Records 7001)


The Unfortunate Rake, Vol. 1
by The Crooked Jades (2001)
(Copper Creek 0203)

Engineer, Mixing

Devil’s Slide
by Carlos (2001)
(Amazing Grease 10)


Seven Sisters: A Kentucky Portrait
by The Crooked Jades (2001)
(Copper Creek 0204)


Saturday Morning Sweet Shoppe
by Andrea Perry (2001)
(Trust Issue)


The Coast Is Never Clear
by Beulah (Sept., 2001) (Velocette 943000)

All This Sounds Gas
by Preston School of Industry (Sept., 2001)
(Matador 520)


Time Travel Is Lonely
by John Vanderslice (June 12, 2001)
(Barsuk Records bark17)


We Are All Beautiful People by For Stars (May, 2001) (Future Farmer 11)

The May Collection E.P.
by Hidden Speaker (May, 2001)
(Seventy-seven 1559)
Vocals, Engineer, Mixing, Production Concept

Lets’ Not And Say We Did
by The Red (2001)
(Ozone 3334)


My Solo Project
by Mates Of State (2000)
(Omnibus 1551)


Little Pieces of Paper
by Secadora (2000)
(Orchard 1532)

Long Wind Down
by Palaxy Tracks (2000)
(Grey Flat 02)


by Kissinger (2000)
(WCI Records)

Producer (using pseudonym Konrad Konradsson), Guitar (using pseudonym Remington Stone)

Prettier Than You EP
by Kissinger (2000)
Producer (using pseudonym Konrad Konradsson)

Little Brother
by Beaver Nelson (2000) (Black Dog 1009)
Engineer, Mastering, Mixing

Decade of Moral Fumbles 1990-1999
by Wannabes (2000) (Plethorazine 1007)
(Includes 1991 previously cassette only release “Lucky Pierre”.)
Producer + “one strange guitar chord” on Lucky Pierre

Mass Suicide Occult Figurines
by John Vanderslice (2000) (Barsuk 14)
Engineer, Mastering, Mixing

Watering Ghost Garden
by Creeper Lagoon (2000)
(Spin Art 87)


The Brittle Stars
by Hidden Speaker (March, 2000)

Forever Dusty
by Various Artists (tribute to Dusty Springfield) (2000)
(R&D 31012)

Fortune Cookies
by Various Artists (2000) (Fortune 41415)

Volume IV
by Super XX Man (2000)
(Peek-A-Boo 1205)

Producer, Mixing

More Than A Feeling
by The Scabs (a.k.a. Ugly Americans) (March, 1999)
(Engineered a second album by The Scabs in 1999 also.)

Half Mad Moon
by Damnations TX (1999)
(Sire 31031)


Consider Bridgette
by Kissenger (1998) (7″ vinyl single)

A Series of Sneaks
by Spoon (1998)
(Vapor 46950 + Elektra/Asylum 62199)


Emits Showers of Sparks
by Sixteen Deluxe (1998)
(Warner Brothers 46657)

Percussion, piano, organ (hammond), producer, engineer, fender rhodes

MK Ultra – Engineered 4 songs on aborted third MK Ultra album.

Mag Earwhig!
by Guided By Voices (1997)
(Matador 241)


Soft Effects (EP)
by Spoon (1997)
(Matador 236)

Producer, engineer

(Don’t Forget To) Breathe
Various Artists (1997)
(Epitaph 80204/ Crank! 80204)


Brain Candy motion picture soundtrack
(Matador 183)

Mixing on Pavement song (“Painted Soldiers”)

Violet Crown (EP) (two song cassette)
by Violet Crown (including Kim Longacre) (1996)
(Herkemer Music)

I Am God (EP)
by Wannabes (1996)
(Dejadisc 3228)


by Spoon (1996)
(Matador 201)


Boyfriend Song/ Spaceboy/ Gaz
by The SHiNDiGS (1996) (7″ on green vinyl) (Rockhaus Records)
Producer, engineer

Long Pathetic Story
by Cattleguard (1995)
Producer, engineer

Cinco Anos
Various Artists (1995)
(Trance 38)

Engineer on Sixteen Deluxe song

by the Wannabes (1995)
(Dejadisc 3222)


Mod Flower Cake
by the Wannabes (1994)
(Dejadisc 3211)


Startime (EP)
by Flying Saucers (including Cindy Toth) (1993)
(Unclean Records)

Co-producer and co-engineer

Screen Door Kind
by Black Irish (1993)

Across the Great Divide: Songs of Jo Carol Pierce
Various Artists (1992)
(Dejadisc DJD 3203)

Producer, engineer, mixing

This Ride Never Ends
by Mayday (1992) (cassette only)

Crazy Flower
by The Wallflowers [not the Jakob Dylan Wallflowers] (1992) (cassette only)

Dead True/ Itchin’ Jenny
by the Wannabes (1992) (7″)
(Biffco Records BFF-001)

Love Is Murder
by Michael Hall (1992)
(Safe House 2106)
Producer, engineer, mastering

Chum/ Tara
by Naiomi’s Hair (1991)
(Figurehead Records Fig007)

Producer and Engineer

Lucky Pierre
by the Wannabes (1990)
(One Point Five Records; cassette only)

Producer; + “one strange guitar chord”
(also includes Cindy Toth)

Swimming Lessons (EP)
by Hey Zeus (1989) (Carpenter Shop Records, cassette only) [full artwork]

by Naiomi’s Hair (1989)
(Figurehead Records Fig003; vinyl only)

Producer and Engineer

Broke From The Sound (EP)
by Public Bulletin (1986)
(Carpenter Shop Records; vinyl only)

unknown title
by Dig (1985?)
(cassette only)