Cindy Toth

Other projects:

Post-Reivers, Cindy Toth was part of a few now defunct bands such as Flying Saucers and Wet. She also played bass and sang in the bands Trigger Happy, Violet Crown, and the Rice Moorehead Band. In addition, she was in a few plays (“Irish Lesbian Vampire”, “Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll: The Real World”, “Tales Of A Millenium”) at the Broom Street Theater in Madison, WI in 1996 and 1997.

self titled
by Walter Daniels & the Giblets (2012)
(Ghost Highway Recordings 25)

These Are The Days
by Violet Crown (2003)
(Herkemer 303)

New Roots
by Amberjack Rice (2002)
(A.R.R. 005)
Bass, Vocals

Decade of Moral Fumbles 1990-1999
by Wannabes (2000) (Plethorazine 1007)
(Includes 1991 previously cassette only release “Lucky Pierre”.)

Seaman’s Quartet
by Seaman’s Quartet (1999)
(Herkemer Music)
Vocals, bass

Taking History
by Hollowbody (1998)
(Pressing Records)


Flying Saucers(EP)
by Flying Saucers(1995)
(prop cd 001)
Credited under “additional musicians”

Startime (EP)
by Flying Saucers (1993)
(co-produced and co-engineered by John Croslin)

Eating Out Is Fun/ Magic Forehead Vision
by Wet (1992)
(7″)(Rise Records RR-73-WET)

White Out/ Rise And Fall
by Flying Saucers (1991) (7″)(Unclean Records UR-012)

Lucky Pierre
by the Wannabes (1990)
(One Point Five Records; cassette only)

Violin (credited under “Oughtobes”)