Back in the late 80’s and into the 90’s I use to catch the Reivers every time they came to Houston. I remember at least 3 shows at Fitzgerlds and once at Party on the Plaza downtown. Glad to see them playing music again. I have ripped my 4 cd’s into my itunes and I still listen to them after all these years.

At different times different songs have been my favorite. The lyrics from “Keep me guessing” from Pop Beloved are some of my favorite…
If you took half of my mistakes
and laid them end to end for sake of measurement,
it’d be past half my life.”

If they ever decide to make a road trip to Houston for a show I’ll be the
first one in line for tickets. I keep hoping I’ll be in Austin to catch them
but so far no luck. Let them know they still have fans outside of Austin and
to keep playing.
-Mike Barker (March 27, 2009)