In 1989, the bassist in my band was working in a record story (member those?).  It was a big corporate chain, but he stumbled across End of the Day.  We wore that out.  I covered “Star Telegram” in my own band until about five years ago.  I lost my copy of the album, found another on the Internet.  My musical tastes have matured a lot since 1989.  I can’t even hear most “classic rock” anymore.  But the songs off this album, the arrangements, the production, the lyrics… it all holds up 25 years later.  It’s remarkable.  It’s a shame the Reivers never made it bigger than they did, but what do you expect?  The marketplace does not always reward quality.  If it did, Joni Mitchell would be wealthier than Taylor Swift.  So thanks for making that album.  To some of us, it still matters.
-Darren Furr (Feb. 7, 2014)