Croslin the Line

The Austin Chronicle, June 22, 2001.

You’ve heard the rumors that the newness and sincerity is returning to Austin, and guess what? they’re true! John Croslin, the Zeitgeist/Reivers founder-turned in-demand producer, has come back to Austin. “Yes, I’m back in Austex,” he e-mails, “and as far as I know, I’m back for good. (I came back for the parking.)” Cros says he had a great time in San Francisco, where he’s been living for a couple years now, and is happy he got to work with, among others, Beulah, John Doe, Carlos, Mates of State, and For Stars, who are in town next week at the Mercury with Mark Eitzel. “But I still don’t like Barry Bonds,” he adds. No word on any Reivers reunions in the works, nor of any activity on the part of his previous band, the Make, for that matter.