I Wanna 86 You Up

By Ken Lieck. Dancing About Architecture column, Austin Chronicle, Feb. 9, 2001.

This week comes the news that the Austin Music Awards 2001 will feature none other than Lucinda Williams and her new band at the Austin Music Hall on March 13. In fact, almost the entire lineup is confirmed, with a blues revue led by last week’s Chronicle cover story subject James Cotton joining the already reported lineup of the boys in Vallejo and the Gourds. Meanwhile, the show’s organizer, Margaret Moser, has been inundated by everyone who ever played in a local band in the Eighties to be a part of the “86ed” set announced last week, already featuring members of the Reivers, Glass Eye, True Believers, Wild Seeds, etc. Security measures are already under way to ensure that South by Southwest Creative Director Brent Grulke and KGSR guru Jody Denberg don’t storm the stage and join in on any sing-alongs. (I wonder if Pat Blashill will show up to not take pictures?) For the homebound, it looks like the ACAC will air the awards this year, while KNVA makes live reports from the scene, and live-broadcast-capable portion of the Austin Music Network continues its long convalescence. The list of showcasing bands for SXSW, meanwhile, is getting close to being final, with a few new acts added this week and available for your viewing pleasure at the conference’s up-to-the-minute Web site at www.sxsw.com.