End of the Day Demos

In January and May of 1988, demos were recorded for the End of the Day album, which was released in 1989.  Some versions were quite different than the final versions, plus there were quite a few unreleased songs.

  1. Your Secrets Are Not Safe
  2. Fooled So Many (Why Not You)
  3. Cut Above
  4. Inside Out
  5. Walking the Cow (same version as bonus track
    on Translate Slowly cd)
  6. Star Telegram
  7. Almost Home
  8. End of the Day
  9. Tell Me So
  10. Discontent of Winter
  11. Its About Time
  12. He Will Settle It
  13. Lazy Afternoon
  14. Jeff, Get Me A Beer (working title to Dude
    Man Hey)
  15. Green Dolphin Street (cover)
  16. Truth To Tell
  17. He Will Settle It
  18. Light My Way
  19. Tell Me So (second version)