Pop Beloved Demos

Possibly recorded in September, 1989 were a set of demos for the Pop Beloved album. However, they may have been recorded later, as the album wasn’t released until April, 1991.  A lot of songs were recorded, and a lot are still unreleased to this day.

  1. Tell Me So
  2. From You
  3. Over and Over
  4. If I Had A Little Time Without You
  5. Ophelia
  6. Keep Me Guessing
  7. Dragonflies
  8. Come Clean (a.k.a. Bottom of Your Life)
  9. What You Wanna Do
  10. Other Side
  11. Breathin’ Easy
  12. Katie
  13. If All That’s True
  14. Best of all the Worst
  15. Second Chance
  16. In My Neighborhood
  17. Light My Way
  18. So Exciting
  19. Before You Knew Heaven
  20. If All That’s True (alternate version with Croslin vocals)