Translate Slowly

Original release 1985
Cd release 1988
Produced by John Croslin and John Viehweg
(DB RECS) (DB 75)

This, The Reivers’ first full-length album, was a great amalgamation of rock and folk with a little bit of an “alternative” edge. It attracted a fair amount of attention in the music press, and received primarily good reviews. As with much of their future work, the┬ályrics were somewhat impressionistic, as translate cassette2opposed to straight stories. With vocals shared by John Croslin and Kim Longacre, the songs run the gamut from all out rockers like “Araby” and “Sound and the Fury” to acoustic folk like the spirited “Freight Train Rain”.

(no individual songwriting credits given, except for the three cover songs)
Araby (2:30)
Cowboys (2:30)
Legendary Man (4:30)
Blue Eyes (2:58) (c. 1945- no author given)
She Digs Ornette (2:43)
Things Don’t Change (4:01)
Translate Slowly (2:56)
Sound and the Fury (2:35)
Without My Sight (3:00)
I Knew (4:35)
Freight Train Rain (2:20)
Hill Country Theme (2:30) (Glenn Paxton)
Electra (3:05) (Cd bonus track; originally on Zeitgeist E.P.)
Wherehaus Jamb (1:52) (Cd bonus track; originally on Zeitgeist E.P.)
Walking The Cow (2:37)(Daniel Johnston) (Cd bonus track)
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