During the Reivers’ timespan, they recorded a number of demo tapes which included songs that never got released (with the exception of “Bidin’ Time” from the Saturday sessions, which made it to the Squares Blot Out The Sun compilation and the later re-release of Saturday). In fact, enough demos from the Pop Beloved sessions were recorded for another entire album. They also performed some of these songs in concert. In addition, they performed and occasionally recorded songs by other people. Below is a list of some of these songs.

Unreleased Reivers songs:

  • Slender Means (performed live circa 85/86 + demo)
  • Ain’t So Bad (performed live circa 1985)
  • Silliness Is Not Permitted (performed live)
  • Fooled So Many (End of the Day demo)
  • Jeff Get Me A Beer (original title of Dude Man Hey) (End of the Day demo)
  • Light My Way (End of the Day and Pop Beloved demos)
  • Tell Me So (performed live + demo for End of the Day and Pop Beloved)
  • Christmas Haiku (performed live Dec. 23, 1989 on KLBJ’s 3rd Annual Christmas Hootnight)
  • If All That’s True (performed live + Pop Beloved demo)
  • From You (Pop Beloved demo) (Later released in revamped form on Fire Marshals of Bethlehem album “Songs For Housework”)
  • Ophelia (Pop Beloved demo)
  • Come Clean (a.k.a. Bottom Of Your Life) (Pop Beloved demo)
  • Best Of All The Worst (Pop Beloved demo)
  • In My Neighborhood (Pop Beloved demo)
  • Before You Knew Heaven (Pop Beloved demo)
  • So Exciting (Pop Beloved demo)

Unreleased cover songs (listed somewhat chronologically in order
of the time period when they played them):

  • Summertime (by Gershwin / performed live)
  • Sweet Jane (by Lou Reed / performed live)
  • Barstool Blues (by Neil Young / performed live)
  • Train In Vain (by The Clash / performed live)
  • small excerpt of The Song Remains The Same (by Led Zeppelin / performed live)
  • small excerpt of Bridge of Sighs (by Robin Trower / performed live)
  • True Love Will Find You In The End (by Daniel Johnston / Saturday demo
    [included on re-release of Saturday in 2002] )
  • Smoke on the Water (by Deep Purple / performed live)
  • Lagrange (by ZZ Top / performed live)
  • Balinese (by ZZ Top / performed live)
  • Back In Your Life (by Jonathan Richman / performed live)
  • Look Out For My Love (by Neil Young / performed live)
  • When A Man Loves A Woman (by Percy Sledge / performed live)
  • Green Dolphin Street (popularized by Tony Bennett / End of the Day demo)
  • Everybody’s Got Something To Hide (by The Beatles / performed live)
  • Helter Skelter (by The Beatles / performed live)
  • Mr. Grinch (performed live Dec. 23, 1989 on KLBJ’s 3rd Annual Christmas Hootnight)
  • Linus And Lucy (Peanuts theme song, by Vince Guaraldi / often performed live)
  • Cowboy Song (by Thin Lizzy / performed live)
  • Fire (by Bruce Springsteen / performed live)
  • Shattered (by The Rolling Stones / performed live)
  • Starry Eyes (by Roky Erickson of 13th Floor Elevators / performed live)
  • Love Hurts (by Gram Parsons / performed live)
  • Rain (by The Beatles/ performed live)
  • Everybody Knows This is Nowhere (by Neil Young / performed live)
  • Best of My Love (by The Emotions / performed live)