Setlist – Jan. 23, 1987

Eastgate Live, College Station, TX


  1. Train In Vain (The Clash cover)
  2. Part of I’m An Old Cowhand From the Rio Grande (Roy Rogers cover)
  3. What Am I Doing
  4. Once In A While

The Show:

  1. Karate Party
  2. Without My Sight
  3. Once In A While
  4. Cowboys
  5. Jeannie
  6. Starry Eyes (Roky Erickson cover)
  7. Translate Slowly
  8. She Digs Ornette
  9. Bidin’ Time
  10. Ain’t So Bad
  11. Blue Eyes
  12. small excerpt from The Song Remains The Same
    (Led Zeppelin cover)
  13. Linus and Lucy (Vince Guaraldi cover)
  14. In Your Eyes
  15. Sound and the Fury
  16. Things Don’t Change
  17. Atlantic City (Bruce Springsteen cover)
  18. Freight Train Rain
  19. A Test
  20. Saturday
  21. Hill Country Theme
  22. Ragamuffin Man
  23. Instrumental (sorta like a variation on Wherehaus Jamb)
  24. Secretariat
  25. Fire (Bruce Springsteen cover)
  26. Electra
  27. Legendary Man
  28. Araby
  29. Barstool Blues (Neil Young cover)
  30. Cowboy Song (Thin Lizzy cover)
  31. Summertime (Gershwin cover)
  32. When A Man Loves A Woman (Percy Faith cover)

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