Released 1987; re-released March 19, 2002
Produced by Don Dixon
Executive Producer- Danny Beard
DB RECS, Capitol Records 46926
re-release: Dualtone DTN 80302-01117-2 / EMI 72435-34572-2-8

Released in 1987, this album showed some maturity in The Reivers’ sound. It was a little more polished, some of the rough edges taken off- yet the feeling and the spirit so prevalent on Translate Slowly was not diminished. The drumming was more standard, yet still served the songs well. As always, there was a nice balance between the rock and the folk aspects of the band. “Secretariat” (which, on first listen, seems to be a love song about a horse… or is it about the rider of the horse?…) has an almost heavy metal guitar riff, while “Electra” (which previously appeared in another form on Translate Slowly) has folky acoustic guitars. One thing I’ve always liked about The Reivers is the obvious fun they had while recording. This is very evident on “Karate Party”, a goofing around in the studio loose jam. Croslin and Longacre are also in fine voice on this album, especially in the infectious melody of “Ragamuffin Man”.

What Am I Doing? (2:34) (Croslin)
A Test (3:26) (Croslin)
Once In A While (3:06) (Croslin)
Electra (2:52) (Croslin)
In Your Eyes (3:32) (Croslin, Longacre)
Karate Party (2:32) (Croslin)
Wait For Time (4:00) (Croslin, Longacre)
Secretariat (4:06) (Croslin)
Baby (2:42) (Croslin)
Saturday (3:44) (Croslin)
Ragamuffin Man (3:24) (Croslin)
Jeanie (3:12) (Croslin) (Cd bonus track)
Bidin’ Time (2:59) (Longacre) (Cd re-release bonus track)
True Love (2:10) (Johnston) (CD re-release bonus track)

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